Sunday, August 30, 2020

Soul of the Sahara large raw edge leather hobo with full flash labradorite teardrop cabs asymmetrical fringe


The Soul of Sahara is live in my shop  
Let’s make this beautiful story true one day, let’s make Sahara Desert bloom again ❤️
Listen to the wind, that's the Sahara crying. She wants to bloom again.
The Sahara hasn't always been a desert. She used to be a beautiful green land.
Her inhabitants respected nature. They lived there and were happy.
They reared animals, they farmed and they hunted.
They loved their land and their land loved them.

Then greedy men came and misfortune spread.
These men wanted not a fortune but land. And no amount of land satisfied them, they always wanted more.
And when they hunted, they killed, not to feed themselves but to show their bravado.
They destroyed forests, not to protect themselves from the rain or the sun but to build palaces.
These unscrupulous people so deeply wounded the Sahara that she became a desert.
Still her people showed their love for her and stayed put.
The Sahara was touched. To thank them for their love, She gave them an oasis and the Banks of the great river Niger.
But still, She remained unhappy.
Listen to the wind, that's the Sahara crying, She wants to bloom again.

One day a wise man came.
The Sahara asked him: How can I recapture the harmony I once knew?
“Embrace upright and proud men, men who respect nature.”
The wise man added: “One day, a man will come. He will breathe life back into the grass and the trees you once knew. This is a man of integrity. He will sacrifice his life for your plants.
But to reclaim this lost paradise, he must chase away the greedy men. And that will be a very difficult task.
Fortunately, a loyal servant will help him overcome the obstacles and conquer his enemies. This man has with him the seeds that will make you blossom again.”
Listen to the wind. That's the Sahara crying. She wants to bloom again.
She’s waiting for a man of integrity to make her green again.
The more you respect Mother Nature, the more you love her, the faster you will make the desert bloom.
Music: Play It Sam
Musician: Philip E Morris

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