Monday, August 31, 2009

Pure White Perfection

Mornings and nights are getting chilly and the best
solution for such a problem is a little cotton shrug
or bolero. It cowers your back and your arms down
to elbows so you will feel comfortable and warm yet
not overheated.I used two different technics, crochet
and knitting, to create this little white beauty. I found
a lovely pattern. It's a very original summer cable
knitting. It gives you an impression of a light weight
and airiness of your garment. The long crochet belt,
one more little sexy detail, which assents the feminity
of your body and makes your shrug fit perfectly on you.
One more thing white is always suitable for a special occasion.
Material- Soft cotton blend
Color- Pure white
Size- S, M

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bridal Silver Dove feather vintage style capelet

Available colors:

Ivory ( beige)
Gentle Pink

Color- Silver gray
Size- S, M
Material- acrylic

MEASUREMENT:The capelet measures 13.5 inches (34 cm)
in width from bottom to neckline14 inches (36 cm) in
circumference at neckline 46 inches (118 cm) at bottom.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bridal Ivory Dove feather capelet

This is another little sensation in my shop. Another original
and fresh design by VitalTemptation
Inspiration actually came
to me from my own wedding dress. I had a "very Victorian"
chocolate- bronze dress with a top like a corset and a wide
bottom. I remember how I desperately was looking for
something to wear on my shoulders but I couldn't find it.
So this beautiful idea came to me years later.
I made this capelet with a very light and soft nonallergenic
yarn A special design and a very complicated knitting pattern
like little folds( look at the pictures)allows woman
size:S, M or L wear this garment.

Note: If you absolutely love this capelet please don't wait
long because I have only two of these unique floral buttons .
It means I can make only one more garment like this.
If you want to place a custom order I'm ready to make
it for you.

Available colors:
Gentle Pink

Color- Ivory
Size- S, M, L
Material- acrylic

The capelet measures 10 inches (26 cm) in width from
bottom to neckline18 inches (46 cm) in circumference at
neckline 54 inches (137 cm) at bottom.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Charming Mahogany Blossom Capelet

Enjoy VitalTemptation latest design.
This capelet was made of 100% Merino soft wool
in a charming Mahogany shade.Thanks to a special
design this garment can be worn by woman S, M or L
The shape allows you move freely and feel comfortable
in it.This garment comes with a removable Mahogany
Blossom pin. I crocheted that pin with the same Mahogany
Merino wool yarn , embroidered the pin with Natural
Fresh water pearls , Czech glass beads and embellished it
with matching ribbons and decorative yarn.

Note : If you decide to buy this garment please in a message
to seller include your body size and circumference of your
An easy adjustmentby me will turn this capelet in your size.

Details: Material: Soft Merino wool
Color: Mahogany
Size: S, M, L
Five functional buttons
Mahogany Blossom pin
The capelet measures 14 inches (36 cm)
in widthfrom bottom to neckline

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sage and Red....

It's interesting how a few beautiful buttons can make
your simple scarf versatile and look fabulous.I made

this scarf from 100% Merino wool in a Sage color,also

I made four wonderful polymer clay buttons.You can

wear this scarf in many different ways. You can wear

it as a scarf, you can make a beautiful cowl from it or

even capelet.Twist it, drape it, play with it endlessly

and every time it will look beautiful on you.