Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bridal Ivory Dove feather capelet

This is another little sensation in my shop. Another original
and fresh design by VitalTemptation
Inspiration actually came
to me from my own wedding dress. I had a "very Victorian"
chocolate- bronze dress with a top like a corset and a wide
bottom. I remember how I desperately was looking for
something to wear on my shoulders but I couldn't find it.
So this beautiful idea came to me years later.
I made this capelet with a very light and soft nonallergenic
yarn A special design and a very complicated knitting pattern
like little folds( look at the pictures)allows woman
size:S, M or L wear this garment.

Note: If you absolutely love this capelet please don't wait
long because I have only two of these unique floral buttons .
It means I can make only one more garment like this.
If you want to place a custom order I'm ready to make
it for you.

Available colors:
Gentle Pink

Color- Ivory
Size- S, M, L
Material- acrylic

The capelet measures 10 inches (26 cm) in width from
bottom to neckline18 inches (46 cm) in circumference at
neckline 54 inches (137 cm) at bottom.


  1. Glad to come across to your blog and find something useful for wedding!Thx for sharing!