Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Of a Kind Long Nuno felted scarf "SEA WONDER"

This beautiful scarf was created with the traditional
Nuno felting technique .
It looks like a canvas with a fascinating three
dimensional painting on it . Featuring a moment
of underwater life.
I used all imaging material for this piece- Chiffon,
Pure Merino wool, Sari Silk, a few colors of Merino
Wool Yarn, Tencel, Nepps, little pieces of Chiffon....
and a lot of imagination.
I realized that when you work with wool you have to
trust your hands, your eyes , your fillings. Other wise
you will never be satisfied with your result.
The scarf is generously measured.
The size of it allows for double wrap.
So you have a great pieceto play with.
It's soft and drapes beautifully.
I hope you like my latest creation.
Thank you for looking.
Dimensions :
Length 65" ( 165 cm )
Width 7.5" ( 19 cm )

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