Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mixed Media Crochet Rhinestone necklace RUSTY SWIRL


Recently I was browsing Flickr, such a great
source of inspiration and peace of mind.
You can find absolutely fascinating images
any time you visit that place. I found that
image with an ordinary rusty swirl on it.
Sometimes you can see them on construction.
From the first glans it was nothing special
about that picture. Something , maybe the
depth of color , the shape or the natural
composition of that picture struck me.
I found that image very inspiring.
I barely could wait for the next morning .
That is very strange about me , usually
I create at night time.
The result of that discovery was this Mix
Media Crochet necklace.
I crocheted it with a very soft yarn in shapes
of many rusty swirls and embellished it with
three huge rhinestones ( two square Opal
color ones and one round clear white) .
I added many bronze and silver Fresh water
pearls and Czech glass beads. Copper and Gun
metal chains are cascading down from the
bottom of the necklace.
The length of the necklace is approx. 24"
The color is the closest I could find to the
original from warm rusty to deep chocolate.
You have to feel the softness and
pleasant heaviness of that great piece!


  1. Sveta, this piece is marvelous!!! I am stunned!

  2. Леночка , спасибо огромное очень приятно читать такой отзыв,особенно когда на итси никто на него не обращает внимание.
    *шепотом на русском и в надежде что мои англ-яз. фалловерс не поймут* :)

  3. You are a true artist! This piece is very lovely!

    * Left you a little present on my blog. :-)