Friday, May 21, 2010

Hand felted wool neckwarmer Pin FREE YOUR MIND / OOAK

This beautiful neckwarmer was made with the traditional
wet felting technique .It features Orange, Green and
Burgundy Merino wool , Lamb blended Yarns and some
Mohair Yarn.I created a very unusual shape for this
neckwarmer. I looks great on the body and easy to style .
I purposely didn't make any closure. I wanted to give
some food for your imagination and freedom to your
sense of style. Instead of the buttons or snaps I designed
a very unique pin. It consists many ropes. Every rope
was hand felted separately and then braided together
in a way of a Basket weaving in a shape of the Sun.
I'm sure you will find thousands ways to wear this
unique item.
One size fits all.