Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Felted scarf wool "RUST THROUGH THE SKIN" , OOAK

This beautiful scarf /neckwarmer / capelet / hip wrap
was made with the traditional wet felting technique .
It features a beautiful watercolor rustic palette of hand
painted Merino wool .I created a very unusual shape
for this item. It looks great on the body and easy to style .
I purposely didn't make any closure. I wanted to give
some food for your insane imagination and freedom
to your sense of style. You can wrap the neckwarmer
around your neck like a scarf or pull the end through
a hole and wear it as a capelet or wrap it around
your hips. I'm sure you will find thousands ways to
wear this unique item.
One size fits all.
Length approx.- 72 Inches (182 cm )
The widest part - 15 Inches (38 cm )
Material- Merino wool
Color- from Dark Burgundy and Orange to Bluish-Grey

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