Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nuno Felted Couture Art cape / capelet / cloak wool silk OOAK
This gorgeous couture capelet was created entirely
by hand. It was made with the traditional nuno
felting technique .Felted from natural superfine 18,5 mic
hand-painted merino wool and natural silk.
This is a great accessory for autumn and spring time.
The garment is very light, soft and warm.
Stylish, elegant and definitely well noticed.
Material – Hand-painted 18,5 mic. Merino woo
lEmbellishment - 100% natural Silk
Color way - from Burnt Orange- Medium Rusty Brown- Mustard Green - to Turquoise
Measurement -
Approx. Length is 13" or 33 cm, shoulder length is 5" or 12cm ( Size S )