Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PDF TUTORIAL, Wet felted flower pin / brooch guide how to make / step by step instruction



Felted flowers make great embellishments for
everything from hats and headbands to wrist cuffs
and handbags. You can create felted wool flowers
using one of several different processes; whether
you're making bright blooms for little girls or more
realistic blossoms for elegant accessories, you'll
find one interesting technique to fit your needs.
Tutorial has a size of a small book and contains 24 pages,
with 45 detailed colorful pictures, and step by step
instructions on how to make this felted pin with a lot
of useful tips and little secrets how to make a beautiful
accessory without spending big $$ on pricy equipment
The brooch is not difficult to make and requires only basic
felting and sewing experience and tools. This tutorial
covers every step from how to lay the wool to the last
step attaching the pin bar. So you don’t need to search
the Internet and your local library shelves for more
This pin is in rusty Red shade, but it can be made in several different colors.

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  1. I love how these flowers came out! The options are endless for them! ~Val