Friday, June 10, 2011

Felted ruffled art scarf / wrap wool silk luxury felt Cranberry / Red Orange

This beautiful scarf was made with the traditional wet felting technique .
It features the combination of two shades of Wool blend in Cranberry Red and Orange. The scarf looks great from both sides. It has elegance and comfort, easy to match and the perfect accent piece to go with your favorite coat.
Wrap yourself in luxurious Merino natural fiber! It has soft texture and will be your favorite accessory to wear all season long. This great scarf can be a fantastic gift for you or the person you love.

Material- Merino Tencel blend
Color- Cranberry Red ,Orange
Length- approx. 51 Inches (130cm)
Width -7 Inches (18 cm)


  1. Wow! That's beautiful. How do you make that? I assume you lay the wool out thinner in the middle so it shrinks more as you felt it: is that right? I doubt I'd be able to make one as perfectly as so far all my felting turns out like a potholder or a fishing net, but I can dream.

  2. Actually the wool is thinner on the edges and thicker in the middle :)