Friday, October 9, 2009

Nuno felted shawl /wrap / scarf "From an Ash into the Fire"

This gorgeous, couture shawl / wrap is made with
the traditional wet felting technique by combining

five shades ( Ecru, Gray, Cranberry, Bitter Chocolate

and Red ) of 100 % Merino soft wool. A Chiffon fabric

I used as a base for this creation.

With a sense of soft feminine

style, it has all the elegance , comfort , beauty without

compromising the warmth you need.

You will love the lightness and coziness of this piece.

Dimensions:Approximately 64" (162 cm) long; 13" (33 cm) wide.

Material- 100% Merino soft wool, Chiffon

Color - Ecru, Gray, Cranberry, Bitter Chocolate, Red

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