Monday, October 19, 2009

Nuno felted scarf scarflette neckwarmer " Aquamarine Melody "

Aquamarine Melody
Inspiration for my creation came

from my childhood memories.I grew
up in Crimea and for me the Black
Sea always was and will be the most
beautiful place on the face of Earth.
Even though it has such a dark
name Black Sea can turn in many

different fantastic colors from Ice
Blueto Green almost Black.
The most amazing color is early

in the morning when you can see
the reflection of the Blue and Pink
from Aurora sky and water is crystal
clear and calm.

Aquamarine melody was created

with a traditional Nuno felting technique.

Sky blue, Iceberg Blue, and Ecru colored

Merino wool roving was hand felted on
a base of beautiful Silver colored silk

chiffon. I placed little curls of Tencel

to add extra texture and attractive elegant

twist.I absolutely adore making Vintage

style items and Aquamarine Melody is

one of them.You can wear it as a

neckwarmer fastened on two absolutely
gorgeous buttons in front and as a

scarf. It has soft texture and will

be your favorite accessory to wear
all season long.

Material- 100% Merino soft wool
Color- Sky blue, Iceberg Blue, and Ecru
Length- 34 Inches ( 86 cm)
Width - 9 Inches ( 23 cm )
Base- Silver Silk Chiffon

If you want to place a custom order please contact me.

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