Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nuno felted scarf THE LAST DAY OF AUTUMN... in a shade of Chocolate brown , Rusty Rose , Ruby berry and Begonia

This beautiful scarf
was made with the traditional wet Nuno felting technique .
I used the playful combination of four shades of 100% Merino
soft wool (Chocolate , Rusty Rose, Ruby and Begonia) to
create the dramatic effect . A print chiffon I used as a base.
The scarf looks great from both sides.It has elegance and
comfort, easy to match and the perfect accent piece to go
with your favorite winter coat. Wrap yourself in luxurious
Merino natural fiber! It has soft texture and will be your
favorite accessory to wear all season long.

Please Note:The actual colors are a little bit darker.

Material- 100% Merino soft wool
Color- Chocolate , Rusty Rose, Ruby and Begonia
Length- 55 Inches ( 140 cm)
Width - approx. 7 Inches ( 18 cm )
Base - print chiffon

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