Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Limited time offer Knitted short sleeve cropped sweater

Limited time offer. Regular prise- $135
This time I came up with an idea of making a short sleeve
sweater, but tried to stay away from ordinary cable knit
sweater.I created my own unique pattern. I called this
design FREE FALLING because the process of designing
can be compared only with an absolutely great
breathtaking feeling like free falling.I hope Tom Petty
doesn't mind I used the name of his song for my design.
The sweater knitted in a free form very comfortable
and stylish at the same time. I used my all time
favorite Acrylic Lamb wool blend yarn which is
perfect for winter-fall projects. When I finished
my design I realized that the sweater can be worn
both ways with buttons in front or on the back.
The second way looks really cool because the sweater
turns into intricate little knitted stylish tuxedo
I used very interesting pattern which creates some kind
of ruffleness ( :) ) on the bottom part. Which makes the
sweater look more soft and feminine. The front also
speaks about feminity of this piece. This sweater can be
worn with a nice blouse or a cute Te-shirt with some kind
of detail in front. The biggest dilemma for me was to choose
which buttons to use for this sweater. I bought about six
different tree types buttons on Etsy, There are all so beautiful.
Eventually after few trying I decided that the Spalted Oak
buttons are the best for my design because of their
smoothness, color and shape.
This is VitalTemptation original design you can't find it in
any knitting magazine , book or online shop unless it's
VitalTemptation shop. This item would be a wonderful gift
for yourself or for your close friend.This item hand knitted
with a great care and attention to details.
Never been worn. Comes from smoke free environment.

Material- Acrylic Lamb wool blend yarn
Color- Silver Grey
Size- S, M
Two handmade Spalted Oak buttons
Free style

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